Thursday, April 20, 2017

Scary Moments in not so Scary Games

In gaming, we have many series that cover that all year round, with jump scares, zombies or just terrifying moments. This list will cover all the traditional ‘scary’ moments in gaming, however, it will be through those we didn’t expect us to jump out our seats. Let’s all take the time to remember all those moments that make us shriek in fear with the ten games with the scariest moments, in not so scary games.

10 – The Sorrow – Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

We start off this list with more of a psychological thriller than horror. Facing off The Sorrow in Metal Gear Solid 3 will test the players and Snake to their fullest. The Sorrow will send well… moments of sorrow to attack what is presumed to be a dead Solid Snake. It’s one of those moments we truly asked what is really going on in a Metal Gear Solid game… which seems odd to say because the whole game is full of what the heck moments.

9 – Cutting your Finger Off – Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain was all about tackling a series of hard tasks and decisions that may be a difficult pill to swallow, but none were as awful than the moment you were forced to chop off your own finger in a moment that would make Billy from Saw proud. The act is only made worse because you aren’t just forced to watch a quick cutscene, but you are the one committing the act of self-mutilation making for one of the most shocking moments throughout Heavy Rain.

8 – Wampa’s – Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

The horror of my childhood, the Wampas in Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire scared me away from the game for almost a decade later. Funny story, my godparents bought me this gift for Christmas and I went to show my mom the rating asking if it is still OK to play the game? She said no because it is rated T for teen and being a six-year-old kid, I shouldn’t be playing games for an older audience. Also being a six-year-old kid, I didn’t listen to my mother and had been horrified of the abnormal Wampas on the Hoth base and their howls. The funny part of this story, it is one of my favorite games playing when I got to be at an appropriate age to play it.

7 – The Flood – Halo: Combat Evolved

The Halo series is known for its action-packed pacing to fend off against bright and colorful alien races that are part of the Covenant. Now enters the Flood, fungus-like creatures with beady black eyes with tendrils and spores sprouting out of them. My first playthrough of Halo: Combat Evolve was at a friends house way back when the original Xbox was the only Xbox, needless to say, this scared both of our young selfs halves to death and I am sure it did the same for many gamers out there.

6 – The Deathclaws – Fallout Series

Think of a monster that can tear you to shreds in one fell swoop, you would probably start thinking of the Deathclaws from the Fallout series. Sure this series has its eery moments, but nothing comes close to how horrible the sight of one of these massive creatures and it only gets worse when you are spotted by one. It’s usually best to try and avoid them early on, but it’s also a truly satisfying moment to be able to take one down if you have the heart to face one head on.

5 – Baby Bowser – Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

When you think of Yoshi’s Island you think of all the adorable moments and it’s kid-friendly world that was taking straight out of a bedtime story… Until you reach Baby Bowser. After stomping him a few times, Kamek creates a true nightmare and a horrifying moment for young gamers everywhere. The once colorful silhouette turns dark with Baby Bowser chasing you from the peerless night and an ever more stressful sense of fear overtakes you. Who knew that such an adorable game can become so terrifying?

4 – Ganon – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Ganon takes the list over all the creepy crawlers and ReDeads from Ocarina of Time because we already know what to expect from the minor enemies. With Ganon, it’s unexpected, you just defeated Ganondorf in a battle of wills, and escaped from a falling tower that was once Hyrule Castle, but from the rubble comes Ganondorf, with glowing eyes and hate in his soul. Lightning crashes from the pitch black skies, a ring of fire envelop around you and Ganondorf transform into a monstrous form of his former human self in Ganon, painting one of the gaming’s most iconic fights, but also one of the most terrifying ones as well.

3 – Unagi the Eel – Super Mario 64

The bane of many players growing up with Super Mario 64. Unagi the Eel was an enormous eel that was only made scarier for the Nintendo 64’s limitation with 3D graphics and the art style that the game was going for. Its blood red skin, its terrifying teeth, and buggy eyes were more than enough to scare many players from the screen and never go swimming in lakes. Maybe that’s just me, but there’s no denying how ungodly Unagi the Eel was the first time we laid eyes on it.

2 – Deviljho – Monster Hunter Series

Short Horror Story Scenario: You are playing Monster Hunter with a few friends. You finally get to the higher level quests and have to hunt down a Qurupeco. Once engaging it, it lets out a howling sound, nobody makes anything of it until the music changes to the tone of impending doom and you turn around and a T-rex like monster with red pulsing veins and a hungry for hunters is right behind you. Meet the Deviljho, a creature so large it eats everything in its path and only the best hunters dare to take it on. If you don’t soil your armor first.

1 – The Fel Reaver – World of Warcraft:The Burning Crusade

The Fel Reaver has taunted ten’s of millions of players over the years in The Burning Crusade. Heroes and heroines, old and new ventured through the Dark Portal to reach Hellfire Peninsula and venture through what remains of Outland. While doing the routine quests in this new zone, you see the screen start to shake and it shakes harder and harder until a mechanical howl comes from behind and the terror of all of the TBC players is right behind you. World of Warcraft is known for its creepy moments, but this was one of the few that caught all players with their pants down and make them shiver in fear and tops the lists of horrors on this top ten.


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