Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sci-Fi Movies Everyone is Waiting to See in 2016

A good new science-fiction movie is not that easy to come by these days, considering the box office has been dominated by superhero movies in the recent years. A trend that is likely to continue throughout 2016 involves reboots and sequels of SF movies, some looking amazing and others… not so good. We’ll have to wait and see them before we pass our final judgment, though.

Independence Day: Resurgence (scheduled for release on June 24)

If the success of Jurassic World has taught us anything, it is to not take the power of 90s nostalgia lightly. Will the Independence Day sequel have as much success as the original movie, despite some original cast members such as Will Smith missing – that remains to be seen. Jeff Goldblum is still there, reprising his role as the brilliant computer expert David Levinson, and the aliens are coming back – presumably with updated anti-virus software, and, most definitely, with a thing for ripping cities out of the ground.

Star Trek Beyond (scheduled for release on July 22)

Here is another franchise with a big name, and another disappointing trailer for its original fans. For certain, it’s going to be big, with flashy effects and lots of action, but the question poses itself – is that really what Star Trek is all about? Here’s hoping that this movie won’t turn out to be like Fast and Furious in space and that there is actually a good plot hidden behind all those explosions and falling and…motorcycles? It doesn’t seem likely, but there’s always hope.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (scheduled for release on December 16)

We all remember the cliffhanger that Force Awakens ended with, so while we are waiting to see how that resolves, we can get another Star Wars dose through Rogue One, the first movie in a standalone Star Wars Anthology series that tells the tale of a group of Rebel spies planning to steal the Death Star plans from the hands of the Empire. One of the most exciting things about this movie is certainly the possible appearance of Darth Vader. The movie is directed by Gareth Edwards, starring Felicity Jones and Diego Luna.

Passengers (scheduled for release on December 21)

Not much is known about Passengers yet, but this sci-fi romance packs some significant star power, considering it features Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as the leads. Directing this movie is the award-winning filmmaker Morten Tyldum, and judging by the success of his Oscar-winning piece The Imitation Game, Pratt’s Jurassic World and Lawrence’s The Hunger Games, Passengers really is a movie to look forward to.


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