Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Some Of The Most Expensive Collectibles In Gaming

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Fortune Hunter Edition
Uncharted 2 Fortune Hunter Edition

$1000 – $3000 and up. 

It is very ironic that a game that focuses on treasure hunting would have one of the most priciest tags attached to its collector’s edition.

The Fortune Hunter Edition was unsurprisingly made in very limited quantities when released and it was offered as a prize for big fans of the franchise. The collection includes: the title signed by Nolan North, a replica of the Phurba Dagger and a collectible art book and case. When I mentioned limited quantities, specifically, only 200 were ever made worldwide. If you search on eBay they do pop up now and then; of course with staggering price tags attached to them. And if you haven’t opened yours you’re probably in for a nice small fortune if you’re willing to part with it.

The Legend of Zelda Prototype Cartridge 
The Legend of Zelda Prototype


Back in 2012, a man named Tom Curtin had in his possession what is one of the most expensive games in history. Originally put up on eBay for $150,000 The Legend of Zelda prototype cartridge was made an offer by a reputable collector of $55,000.

Nintendo World Championship (Golden Cartridge)


You might want to check your attic if you were a child in 1990 and read Nintendo Power Magazine. It is unlikely this rarity will be knocking around in your loft collecting dust, there were only 26 of the golden cartridges ever made. The grey counterparts also sell for a nominal price, as only 90 of those were ever made. Either way, you’re in the money.

Nintendo Wii And PlayStation 3 Supreme
Wii and PS3 Supreme


If you have got a spare $490,000  laying around you’re in luck, you could get your hands on the 5.5lbs of 22ct Gold Edition of a Wii. And that’s it. There is nothing special about this golden Wii except what its made of and the price tag. Following this, a PlayStation 3 Supreme was released, only 3 ever made, for a nominal price of $320,000 an absolute bargain in comparison to the Wii.

Dead Space Ultra Limited Edition
Dead Space


Only 1,000 of these were ever made upon release and to get one now will probably cost you a limb (see what I did there…). The box set would include: the game, animated movie Downfall, graphic novel, signed lithographs and a USG Ishimura patch.

Ratchet Carbonox Statue

$3000 (depending on condition)

Now this collectible will be very rare indeed, and if you manage to spot one up for sale you should jump at the opportunity. 457 of these figures were given out by Insomniac Games to employees and selected journalists (not us, so don’t ask) not ever released for fans of the series. When people learnt of this statues existence it became hot property on the internet and they are more valuable unpainted.

There we have them, some unique and expensive gaming collectibles that most likely none of us will ever own. I am positive there are more out there to be listed, let’s not get started on the rare NES games. However, have you or anybody you know have actually owned any of the above? I would love to hear your story below if you did. Furthermore, if you had infinite funds would you hunt out these collectibles? Let us know in the comments section below.


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