Saturday, December 26, 2015

10 Hilarious Construction Fails

Constructing a structure or building usually requires intricate preparation and planning and we could almost expect each creation to be excellent, beyond amazing and satisfying its very purpose. Apparently, for some brilliant minds, preparation and planning isn’t part of their consideration.

And the result?


Take a look at all these incredibly hilarious construction fails that will leave you laughing and wondering for the rest of the day.

1. Just Brilliant

Let’s not go directly into its obvious flaw because that would seem a bit too harsh. Let’s just say that whoever is behind this creation is a real genius. Really! Take a look at how imaginative and creative he is! That’s not a very convenient design for a house, but he took a risk with this one. The only problem though is that an inverted house won’t have a strong and steady foundation considering that a house usually has a pointy roof. You know what we mean here. And that’s the very reason why we are seeing few modifications here.

2. A Little Privacy Would Be Appreciated

Now, this is a real disaster! Can you spot the difference? How could you possible address nature’s call when you are very open to public view! Let’s not get too emotional on this one. Perhaps, the cubicle is still on its way. Whether they really intended to put up a small cubicle is not anymore a question, but is actually a necessity. A little privacy would be greatly appreciated, you know.

3. Exactly Where Will The Train Pass?

Designing a building or a certain structure is not a simple task. In fact, it requires hours and even days of planning and preparation to fulfill and maximize the purpose of the building. Nevertheless, there are also other factors that must be considered. Take for example this construction-gone-wrong. The structure is great on itself, but did they not consider that there is a railroad track right underneath it? So, exactly where will the train pass now? Or shall the train car go ahead and smash straight into the structure? For now, we’ll just have to sit back and watch what happens next.

4. Defeating The Purpose

Most people want to have a balcony in their homes for a nice and special place to spend a lazy afternoon with family or friends. It’s actually very lovely to have a place where you can see the beautiful view of the city under your feet. So if you have a balcony, but you don’t have a door to get into it, what purpose would the balcony be? The mere sight of this construction is just hilarious, not to mention a bit annoying. That’s one big FAIL! Let’s just hope they would remedy the situation as soon as possible!

5. ATM For The Little Ones

We are very dumbfounded by the very sight of this one. And the very purpose of the seemingly odd placement of the ATM machine is still a wonder to us. Perhaps, they have entertained the thought that kids or midgets might find this construction immensely useful. And for that, we won’t take this structure too harsh. Let’s just give them a break! They know what they’re doing. Or shall we say, let’s just presume that they know what they are doing.

6. ATM For The Giants

If there is an ATM for the short ones, then there is also an ATM for the giants! Incredibly genius! Right? Of course, we have to balance things out to make the world a better place to live. Really, that’s one good and positive way to look at it. No, don’t give us that look! We can’t help but be very sarcastic with this one. Well, who wouldn’t? Out of millions, how many giants and how many normal human beings are there? You don’t really need to do the math. The point here is that this is one construction FAIL!

7. We Are Very Confused

Is this a typical staircase or an escalator? Can somebody figure out what it really is? We find ourselves having a very difficult debate on this one! Thanks to the very genius mind of whoever created this structure. Perhaps he wanted to have a merger of modern and traditional type of staircase. If that were the real reason, then we’d give him a round of applause for the creative attempt. Otherwise, we’ll just keep on laughing at his very dumb creation.

8. Here’s Another Staircase Gone Wrong

It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that something is wrong in this photo. How could you possible fit through that? Obviously, only the thin ones are preferred. All right then, can we just say that whoever is behind this “amazing” structure is just brilliant. In fact, he is absolutely brilliant.

9. Rail Track Fail

We’re guessing that no train car has ever passed through this track. Of course! We could only imagine the damage that will be caused if we have a train car smashed straight into that post. And why would anyone put such structure, any structure for that matter, in the middle of the track? That is one mystery we haven’t figured out just yet. What do you think?

10. The Perplexity of Human Knowledge on Engineering and Construction

Yikes! That is perhaps the biggest problem the world has to resolve. That’s billions of taxes wasted on a very “excellent” structure! Somebody better take measures on resolving such problem or else we’ll be seeing citizens rallying their way in protest. But really, this is certainly one of the worst constructions we have ever seen. And we’re pretty sure you’d agree with us.


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