Friday, November 13, 2015

The 10 Most Powerful Marvel Villains We Haven’t Yet Seen In Movies

Perhaps the only thing more exciting than seeing your favorite superhero adapted in live-action for the big screen is seeing your most coveted supervillain. This role is debatably more important than the hero’s role in the films, and in many cases outshines them. What’s a hero without their greatest adversary anyway?

Throughout Marvel’s many film adaptations, some of the most iconic comic book villains have received the honor of being included, however with the recent expansion of the cinematic universe, it’s time to include some of the ones hardcore fans have been waiting on forever. There’s room for some amazing interpretations of some of their lesser known villains, and with superhero films at their box office peak, there’s honestly no better time.

Seeing supervillains done justice on film is what makes it fun to be a comic book fan. With the right script and actor, the movie itself has the opportunity to redefine an iconic character. The following are some of Marvel’s biggest baddies that fans need to see.

10. Mysterio

Another confirmed Spider-Man reboot means an urgency to see this villain make it to the big screen.
He’s one of the more mystical foes in the Marvel universe, making for some particularly interesting storylines in a possible adaptation.

Mysterio came into a life of crime after his working career as an illusionist landed him in the dumps. As a master of illusion and sorcery, he uses his powers to commit offenses of the mind, such as hypnosis and deception. He also never takes off that fish bowl of a helmet, making it possible to pretty much cast anybody.

9. Mojo

This character was conceived to literally represent spineless television executives. Mojo is a shapeless, cruel, and unsightly creature from the Mojoverse, and has only been able to remain mobile with the use of advanced alien technology.

Mojo rules the Mojoverse by means of his intergalactically popular reality television series that pits slaves against each other in gladiator grudge matches. His show hit critical success through the employment of various X-Men characters that did wonders for ratings. Hopefully his inclusion in an X-Men film will help do the same.

8. M.O.D.O.K

Much like our last entry, this character isn’t much to look at, but could translate so well as a comically entertaining supervillain. M.O.D.O.K or Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing, took the shape of a robotically detached head after a freak accident involving the Cosmic Cube.

Angered by his grotesque transformation, M.O.D.O.K. immediately killed his colleagues and assumed the head (no pun intended) of his organization A.I.M. His high intelligence allows him control of various mechanical devices, and he enacts this power in attempts to take over the world. M.O.D.O.K. is expected to be just as big of a hit in a movie as he is in the comics.

7. Mr. Sinister

In the X-Men universe, evil went by a new name. Mr. Sinister originated as a nineteenth century geneticist named Nathaniel Essex who became obsessed with the concept of evolution and human mutation.

In coming in contact with the mutant demigod Apocalypse, Essex was granted supreme mutant abilities and immortality. He has since used his powers to further his research in producing the perfect mutant based on the genes of Scott Summers and Jean Grey.

Mr. Sinister is downright… well, sinister! And while he’d fit perfectly in next year’s X-Men: Age of Apocalypse, the character hasn’t yet been confirmed.

6. Taskmaster

While this character has been more so depicted as a mercenary, he often lingers on the side of evil. Taskmaster is believed to have originated in New York, and works as a combat instructor for a variety of different villains.

He’s also a common villain of the Avengers and has faced off against the entire lineup before on his own. Taskmaster’s photographic memory and highly adept senses allow him to mimic any opponent’s fighting style, rendering him one of the most capable combatants in the Marvel Universe.

Aside from various criminal organizations, Taskmaster has been affiliated with both the U.S. government and S.H.I.E.L.D., giving no reason as to why he couldn’t pop up in a future Avengers or Captain America film.

5. Kraven

Yes, this is yet another Spider-Man villain, but it only goes to show how many possible showdowns Sony missed out on. Kraven is the self-proclaimed best hunter in the world, and his most desired prey just so happens to swing around New York in a red and blue costume.

Unlike many other villains, Kraven doesn’t hold a personal vendetta with Peter Parker, he just considers him his life’s largest conquest. This is what makes him fun and highly versatile in any future Spider-Man film. He’s also extremely primal and prefers to conquer his prey with nothing but his bare hands.

4. Dormammu

Ushering in mystical characters such as this one can be a bit delicate to be fair, however with Marvel’s Phase Three on the horizon, it should be more than possible for this villain to pop up somewhere. Dormammu is an infinitely powerful being that has been described as “something worse than a demon.”

He’s a regular Doctor Strange villain and resides in a cosmic realm outside of Marvel’s regular universe. While he physically appears to be comprised of flames, Dormammu can summon and use his mystical energy to almost limitless potential. He’s recently been rumored to appear in next year’s Doctor Strange film, portrayed by none other than Mads Mikkelsen. We still have our fingers crossed.

3. Fin Fang Foom

As comical as this villain’s name sounds, it’s likely that he hasn’t appeared in a Marvel film yet because of his overwhelming appearance. Fin Fang Foom is an ancient dragon that has existed before mankind and along with spitting acid can communicate telepathically with a variety of lifeforms.

The closest we’ve come to this character is through a slight Easter egg featured in Iron Man. His name appeared on a billboard advertising a movie, but a villain this grand surely deserves more than that. Fin Fang Foom is often associated with the Mandarin, who’ve we also yet to see portrayed, disregarding the fake out in Iron Man 3.

2. Carnage

Carnage is like that final boss of a video game that you just haven’t been able to reach. He’s at least a villain that a movie franchise would have to lead up to, and seeing as how often the Spider-Man franchise gets rebooted, movie studios may never get around to depicting him.

This character spawned itself in the comics after serial killer Cletus Kasady bonded himself with the symbiote. With his enhanced abilities, Cletus now spreads his wrath throughout New York City, killing and maiming all who cross his path. Carnage may be the most formidable opponent Spider-Man has had to face, as well as the most terrifying.

1. The Skrulls

As far as alien races go in the Marvel Universe, these guys have become the most infamous, hands down. The Skrulls are a shapeshifting extraterrestrial race that has often been credited for creating the Cosmic Cube, or what’s referred to as the Tesseract in the MCU.

Along with being incredibly crafty, the Skulls are also vastly advanced when it comes to technology and cosmic travel. They’ve regularly come into contact with the Fantastic Four and the Guardians of the Galaxy, giving them reason to appear within either franchise.

James Gunn has recently commented about including The Skrulls in his Guardians of the Galaxy sequel, stating that certain copyright laws are currently preventing it.


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