Monday, November 2, 2015

Full-Scale R2-D2 Mini-Fridge Can Bring Your Beer To You

All fans of Star Wars might be interested to learn that the Japanese made a mini-fridge shaped like R2-D2.

Presented to you by Haier Asia, Japan, this mini-fridge operates as a regular fridge, with the novelty being its unique shape. But the design digs a little deeper than that – rather than just making it an R2-D2 shell, the fridge can also move (operated with a remote control), flash its lights and turn its head, thus more closely resembling everyone’s favorite little Star Wars robot. It can also project TV and movies (not holograms, though).

Now for the bad news, the first one being that the fridge space is pretty small and can fit about six cans of beer.

The price tag is nothing to be happy about, as it is around $9,000. Add that to the fact that it is only available in Japan and that having it imported would probably cost a fortune too, and you get an extremely rare collectors’ item that probably everyone would want to have.


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