Monday, September 28, 2015

Red Announces The Raven, Its Most Affordable 4K Camera

Remember that company whose camera was used for shooting The Hobbit? Yes, Red. Well, it has just released a new camera; this time intended for producerswith a bit limited budgets.

Aptly named Raven, it can produce 4,096 x 2,160 4k RAW video at up to 120 frames per second, and 2,048 ProRes at 60 frames per second!

As mentioned, it is intended for those with modest budgets so it’s priced at $5,950 (and that’s only for the body!). The expected amount of cash required to be able to actually shoot anything is $10,000 or even more.However, it comes with the Red Dragon sensor, the same one as used on the company’s $29,000 Epic, slightly smaller version though - somewhere between APS-C and Micro Four Thirds sizes.

What’s really beautiful about it is that it’s relatively lightweight- only 3.5 pounds - which makes it very suitable for installing on a decent sized drone. And speaking of drones, Red is also offering a “Jetpack” package for mere $9.750 suitable for handheld shooting, drones and gimbals, together with a $9.950 package for making documentaries, for TV and online producers.

Pre-orders have already started and shipping is expected to start in February 2016.


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