Saturday, July 18, 2015

Batman: Arkham Knight’s PC Problems Won’t Be Fixed Until September

Batman fans were thrilled when Batman: Arkham Knight, the latest game featuring the superhero vigilante was announced. Sadly, PC users won’t get to experience Batman: Arkham Knight in all its glory, because the PC version of the game is plagued with many issues that don’t exist in the console version. This was known well ahead of the release, and Warner Bros. launched the game anyway, which lead to much vitriol being sent their way from PC users. But it gets worse – an internal email from an Australian retailer informs us that these issues will remain unfixed for a long, long time.

Considering that Warner Bros. decided to both stop the sales of the PC version of the game and that the first DLC for the PC was delayed as well since patching the game up was top priority, this will make PC gamers even angrier with the company.

In an internal email from EB Games, it has been discovered, straight from the mouth of Warner, that “the updates won’t be available until Spring”. Since spring in Australia starts September 1st, this means that PC users will have to wait several more months for the PC version of the game to be fixed and released as it should have been originally. Due to these findings, EB Games has decided to send all PC stock of Batman: Arkham Knight back from its stores to the original vendor.


  1. For what it's worth, within a few days of release, there was a submission top the communities guides and it's Derps guide to fix optimization, if I'm remembering correctly. Either way, it helped me as well as many other steam users and after 50 hours or so I've beaten the game and am currently at 93%. It has been, by far, the strongest game in the sequel. I am so pleased with how well it plays, the story, everything. It far exceeds my expectations and I had high expectations as I loved the first 2. Never played Origins but I'll get to it soon.

  2. So if you check the update page on steam WB said August is when the big issues should be fixed...