Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Samsung Shows Off Mirror And Transparent OLED Displays

The reveal of Samsung’s new transparent and mirror-type OLED screens in Hong Kong are sure signs of great plans of the company for their product. While the presentation only featured the use of these products as ad panels and virtual necklace stand, it is obvious that Samsung plans further integration with Intel’s RealSense. One of the possibilities is creating a virtual fitting room with the use of 3D cameras made by Intel and “automated library of stored perceptions”. This allows the potential users of the device to view the items and outfit combinations on themselves without having to physically try them out.

Secondly, Samsung has indicated that it has plans on making interactive ads with the use of their transparent OLED screen and voice and movement recognition of RealSense. Samsung says that their mirror-type screen will feature a clearer, sharper and much higher contrast images which will respond significantly faster than those on the same products that are already available on the market. And the transparent OLED is said to be better in every way than those made by the competitors. No doubt that Samsung will take it’s time when developing these products, but they will certainly deliver, like they always do. In the end, the market for interactive display technology is a competitive one and slacking off will not be tolerated by the consumers.


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