Thursday, June 4, 2015

Concept Art & Storyboards For Rejected Predators Movie Pitch

When 20th Century Fox wanted to reboot the Predator film franchise, they brought in several filmmakers to make concept art and storyboards based on the film's logline, that said: "Predators hunt humans on their planet".

Director and screenwriter Vincenzo Natali was one of those who pitched their ideas at the time. 20th Century Fox ultimately decided to go a different route and hired Nimród Antal to direct and Robert Rodriguez to produce the 2010 sequel in the franchise, called Predators. However, Natali (whose claim to fame is his work on Cube and Splice) recently released the art he created for the ocassion.

The concept art shown below belongs to, in order of appearance: conceptual illustrator Amro Attia (the first image), Natali (the next four storyboards) and conceptual artist Dan Milligan (the last image).


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