Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Amazon is about to become the Uber of e-commerce

Remember Uber? The app where you get to hail taxis driven by ordinary people (like you and me) who are in need of quick cash and are ready to offer you a ride in their cars for some? Amazon is trying to copy Uber's blueprint into the e-commerce ecosystem.

How is this going to happen? Word on the streets suggests that the e-retailer is working on a platform which will employ the same tactics Uber uses. In the upcoming service which is codenamed "One My Way," regular people will deliver Amazon orders to their customers for small charges that will be paid by the receiving party.

Now let's picture this: You are heading to London via Seattle. To make up for some of your flight charges, you help Amazon deliver this product needed within the next 24 hours by a customer who is in London. Let's say, customer timely receives the product -- a Samsung Galaxy S6 device or an iPhone 6 smartphone, you get paid. Isn't that just cool?

Wall Street Journal reports that the schedule of the arrival of the new service isn't yet known for now but could roll out this year to help deliver some of the 3.5 million packages Amazon is currently shipping per day.

This article was written by Charles Borromeo. Charles writes at, Nigeria's leading mobile phone review website.


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