Wednesday, June 17, 2015

600M Samsung Galaxy phones reportedly at security risk due to keyboard flaw

According to Ryan Welton of NowSecure, a company that deals with mobile security, a major security flaw may have rendered over 600 million Samsung smartphones vulnerable to outside attacks.

The reports say that the flaw can, among other leading models, affect the brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 handsets as well.

Six months ago, NowSecure had notified Samsung about the flaw and the Google Android security team was also informed about the possible consequences of the flaw.

The problem with the millions of vulnerable devices (including the new Samsung Galaxy S6) is that they came with a pre-installed keyboard which is accessible to attackers who could remotely execute code as system users.

According to NowSecure, Samsung tried to fix the problem by providing a patch that would allow users to eliminate the flaw, but the exact number of users who patched their handsets is unknown.

A list of devices that are potentially vulnerable to the flaw has been published, and if you’re a Samsung owner, you should probably check it out to see if your smartphone has made it on the list .


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